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Functional Training

  • Date: 05/11/2019
  • By: Luke Arran

Functional Training is a phrase thrown around the fitness industry to impress clients or to try and make a trainer sound clever but it is often misused.

Functional is not having a client standing balanced on a swiss ball while squatting (unless they are a circus performer). The word functional means: Designed to be practical and useful. Something that is made to do a job. It comes from the Latin word functionem, meaning “performance execution” For an exercise or workout to be functional it has to help a person perform well or be better at a task or activity in day to day life.

In the video above, Peggy is using a resistance band to help the strength and move better in her ability to lift plates and dishes on to a high shelf, the results have been significant and peggy is able to this specific daily job with more ease. When designing a programme this is one of the major factors in determining what type of exercise or activity should be done.

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