Class Description

Boxercise is a class that uses some of the basic moves, striking combinations and training techniques of boxing to give you a combination of aerobic and anaerobic benefits.

It is fun, effective and suitable for all levels of ability. The format of the class changes weekly, but typically includes a mixture of shadow boxing, hitting bags, padwork skills with a partner and cardio exercises.

Our boxing circuits are also great for core strength. The combination of punching, holding your balance and a core exercise round at the end of each session can help improve posture and stability.


Lasts 45 minutes
Increases mental agility
Improves co-ordination
Increases stamina
Raises core strength
Strengthens muscles

Class details

Trainer: John Rodgers
Day: Thursday
Time: 9:30 AM
Number of students: 10

Class details

Trainer: John Rodgers
Day: Wednesday
Time: 5:45 PM
Number of students: 10